How to Build Your Own Website

Hosting Alternatives

    • An alternative free hosting site could be Altervista. Altervista allows for back-end handling and would be great for starting to dive into back-end web development.

    • For a cost (*these all aren't really necessary for a basic site and are probably too much firepower for your needs):
    • Namecheap Hosting
    • GoDaddy Hosting
    • Amazon Web Services
    • ...many others

    • A pretty nice guide comparing other hosting services outside of these few could be found here.

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Domain Service Alternatives

For configuring your domain in one of these, consider seeing if any documentation existis for how to configure it in regards to your selected use-case (for example: GitHub's Documentation on managing a custom domain or on configuring a custom domain name), or simply Google and see what resources/guides might be out there.

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Text Editor Alternatives

For your text editor, you could use an online IDE such as (this particular one can be used for well beyond just HTML/CSS/JS) or you can download some software and locally edit your files on your machine. I personally prefer the latter and use Atom to edit my source-code and GitHub Desktop to manage my changes and push them to the host. There a lot of ways to do this out there, you just have to do some research and figure out which option best meets your preferences.

Some Potential Options:
    • A fantastic option would be Adobe Dreamweaver (~$21/mo.)
    • Atom (Free)
    • Sublime Text (Free to an extent)
    • *there are plenty of other great ones out there too - some other examples on Mac OS could be found here)

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Front-End Resources

*An alternative to this entire manual process that does not require front-end coding knowledge would be to use a site like Carrd (~$9/yr. for the most basic plan or ~$19/yr. if you want to use a custom domain) or Wix (~$13/mo. for most basic plan + the ~$10/yr. price for domain name ownership, or $0/mo. (free) if want to deal with Wix branding on the site, “” in the URL, and limited features) for hassle-free website creation and hosting. But where's the learning in that?

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Coming Soon Content

Look for content coming up related to:

    • Google Analytics
    • Connecting forms to your site
    • Connecting social share buttons
    • Learning back-end (hint: you will need different host than GitHub Pages for that)
    • Making your "mailto" more interesting
    • *AND MORE - let me know any requests you might have